Anna Tomczak

Drawing from her degrees in theatre, film, and fine arts photography, Anna Tomczak creates mixed-media images full of emotional texture and detail. Her work is about cultivating and curation as much as it is generative; she hunts for treasures with which to create still-life assemblages that investigate myth, botany, and human figures. Her richly colored images are usually created with large-format Polaroid transfers, an intense, meditative process that reveals meaning in layers, a methodology that she describes as stream-of-consciousness. The effect is work that is nostalgic, surreal, and emotionally charged. In addition to her work as a photographer, Tomczak teaches mixed media workshops at her home in Florida as well as throughout Europe.
Magnolia Flag
Who Inspired Marilyn II
Mata, Heleconia
Lotus Prophet
Heleconia Parrot
Cascade II
Banana Blossom