Robert Roberg

When preaching on street corners, Robert Roberg (b. 1943) was abused more often than heard. One day he picked up chalk and drew references to scripture on the sidewalk. People stopped, looked and listened to his every chapter and verse. This began his foray into expressing his religious beliefs with paint, and he expresses his beliefs with fervor. Although a dutiful messenger of the Lord, as he matured he criticized the hypocrisies of the Christian church, feeling that “the true Gospel has been usurped by Greek Philosophy and Roman militant paganism.” Roberg’s paintings challenge the deity of Christ and the Trinity, and attack a Christian war ethic as unchristian.

3rd Angel's Star Poison the Rivers
4th Bowl Sun Scorched the Earth
5th Angel People Gnawing Tongues
Anti-Christ with computer chip necklace
Babylon Fallen
Blood Kills Fish
Bowl Full of Sores
Heavenly Wedding
Jesus Casting the Demons Into the Pigs
John Do Not Write
Long Live the Empire
New Jerusalem
Red Horse
The Beast From the Sea