Florian Ludwig

Florian Ludwig worked in isolation for decades, and a few years after he died his artwork came to light. His spouse, Terry, had stored all his creations because this was his wish. He thought his destiny was to be recognized as a great artist and have his own museum so he never sold any of his many pieces. But as time passed and the outlook for fame and glory faded, his widow had a friend donate the complete archive to a thrift store. When the thrift store manager was advised not to piecemeal the collection, Lisa Stone Arts acquired it so that Mr. Ludwig’s art would not be scattered to the winds. From here, his finely designed and crafted sculpted crowns, crucifixes and related jewelry might find homes to establish the artist in the self-taught realm.

In accordance with the estate of the Florian Ludwig, Lisa Stone Arts is the sole representative of his artworks. This is the first time his art has been shown and made available to collectors.