Art Services


Focusing on fine and folk art as well as exceptional photography, we purchase individual works of art and entire art collections.

Our customized collection management–web-based archiving and portfolio books–references information in systematic and attractive formats.

Working with corporate art buyers and with individual collectors, we help build significant collections that reflect particular aesthetic interests.

We organize thematic exhibitions for galleries and museums and arrange exceptional lectures about Florida art and culture.

Through collaborations, articles and interviews, we work to further the appreciation of art in and about the Sunshine State.

We build relationships with museums and individuals to facilitate their obtainment of significant works of art.


**Cataloging: We coordinate the photography and design of catalogs, and oversee production. We believe that it is essential that one’s collection be properly archived. To this end we employ museum-quality material for portfolios and have created our proprietary software that can be accessed by multiple users and operating systems under the discretion of the collector. We are able to maintain both the digital and book versions of our clients’ collections.