Marice Cohn Band

Marice Cohn Band's 35-year career as a photojournalist with The Miami Herald has taken her throughout South Florida and Latin America time and again. She has captured images that give unique perspectives from exotic, often unseen parts of the world. And time over her photographs of the people of Cuba, or landmine victims in Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Nicaragua, or the offbeat life in Miami are always fresh and revealing. Although recognized by peers and organizations for her accomplishments, Cohn Band has never reached for glory or awards, preferring to connect to the individuals she photographs personally (as opposed to "the greater good" notion of mass media). This has yielded a body of work that goes beyond the who-what-where-and-when of the profession. Marice Cohn Band's photographs are not designed to illustrate others' stories but to take viewers into uncharted territories of their imaginations as well as places depicted.
Guanabacao 1998 - Young Lovers
Guantanamo 1994 - Eagle
Havana Vieja 1993 - Flag
Havana 1983 - Students and Marti
Havana 1990 - Bus
Sierra Maestre 1983 - Pioneers
PanAm Games 1991
Havana 1995 - Balerinas
Havana 1995 - Chino
Havana 2000 - Girl Blue Diamonds
Havana 2000 - Girls and Marti
Matanzas 1991 - Teens on Train
Puerto Padre 1983 - Family
Santa Fe 1991 - Rafterlost
Santiago 1995