Why We Show Who We Do

It’s been said that much is often lost to the refinement of a formal education, and whereas our gallery artists are mostly self-taught, they are proof of this. At Lisa Stone Arts we cherish artists who have severed ties with or were never part of the established ways of thinking, being and doing. In turn, we look to institutions and collectors who value creative imagery on the artists’ own, often unconventional, terms. We represent active artists who work on the fringes and invest in artists’ estates of who deserve recognition in both public and private realms.

As examples, Florian Ludwig and Milton Ellis’s lifes’ works were on the verge of being lost forever. Ludwig’s artwork was being tossed into a dumpster until a friend called a friend who called the gallery and Ellis’ murals only survived because his friend intervened and also came to Lisa Stone Arts. Neither artist had a track record; both worked in obscurity, delving into their private worlds, and mining deep into their psyches to leave bodies of paintings and sculptures that are without precedent.

Celebrating creative freedom is what we are about. Lisa Stone Arts recognizes artists with fresh voices and insightful visions, who have been overlooked and under-recognized, whose raw energy and unfettered views often run counter to the academic ways.

The distinction between outsider artists and formally-trained artists has dissolved, largely because of the scholarly posit that art is art and labeling leads to categorizing which leads to marginalization–and outsider artists are labeled and therefore marginalized. Nevertheless, with their adoption into the art gallery world and into museum culture, these artists are less and less distanced from public view and even academic scrutiny. They are integrated and this new found popularity has caused a sort of seismic shift to the once isolated world of outsider art–it’s become mainstream.

The new lack of class distinction has blurred lines, led to a lack of critical awareness and even gave rise to trained artists making faux folk art. Analysis is needed more than ever to discern the genuine articles from the weak, trendy and decorative. Lisa Stone Arts is dedicated to foster interpretation and awareness of the artists and their creative milieu. And we look forward to being part of the conversation and arbiters of connoisseurship in the field.